Digitalisation of judicial proceedings

Fact of the Month
February 18, 2022

In February 2019 the Justitia 4.0 project was kicked-off and followed in November 2020 by the dispatch of the law on a communication platform for judicial institutions.

The project aims to create a nationwide platform used by both federal and cantonal institutions, replacing physical paper used in communication until now.  

The parliamentary due process is to start at the end of this year with an entryin to force of the law forecasted for the beginning of 2025. In the meantime, the platform will be deployed with pilot judicial institutions and lawyers for its further development and adaptation. The years 2025 and 2026 will serve as transition period followed by the mandatory use for participants in the judicial process (with exceptions) planned for 2027.

Once the project is implemented, the communication between judicial institutions, lawyers and involved administrative authorities will be in the digital format. Persons not affected by the obligation to use the platform can use it on avoluntary bases.  

After the rejection of the E-ID initiative in 2021, a recognised form of electronic identity shall be defined during the development of the project. Furthermore, processual steps with legal registers are not included in the platform.  

Even with increasingly digital procedures, it is recommended to keep relevant legal documents in the physical form, should the need to prove their authenticity arise.

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